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Today, thousands of Americans are turning to ketamine infusion therapy to help treat their major depression disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), severe depression, and other chronic mood disorders and pain-related illnesses. Due to increased demand, new treatment centers are popping up all over the country. Do you need help finding a treatment center near you?

In this guide, we describe the top ketamine treatment centers in the United States. All of the clinics we list are fully licensed and legal medical clinics that have a reputation for service excellence. If your depression or mood disorder is treatment-resistant, consider any of the centers we describe below.

List of Ketamine Treatment Centers in the U.S.

To help you navigate the world of ketamine infusion treatment, we put together this non-exhaustive list of the top ketamine treatment centers in the United States. Consider booking a consultation with any of the centers listed below if you seek ketamine treatment for chronic or severe depression or pain-related illnesses.

Boston MindCare

Boston MindCare serves the Greater Boston area, providing ketamine infusion therapy for the management of several chronic mental illnesses. They are conveniently located in Lexington, MA, which is only a short drive from the central Boston area.


ActifyNeurotherapies is one of the country’s largest network of ketamine infusion providers. Currently, they operate nine affiliated ketamine centers in New York City, Denver, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Princeton, Potomac, West Palm Beach, San Francisco, and Raleigh. They have a nationwide team of over a dozen doctors to serve you better.

Ketamine Wellness Center

The self-described “gold standard in care” is available at the Ketamine Wellness Center. With locations in Phoenix, Tucson, and Denver areas, the Ketamine Wellness Center network of ketamine infusion clinics can provide exceptional relief in these underserved markets.

Herro Medical Center

Dr. Ellison F. Herro, M.D., is a practiced anesthesiologist who has been operating in the Arizona valley area for three decades. He works in an interventional psychiatry clinic and has previously served as the Chief of Trauma Anesthesia at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.


As a subsidiary of Brain Health Centers Inc., Neuro-Luminance is a Denver-based ketamine infusion center. Neuro-Luminance is headed by Theodore Henderson, M.D., Ph.D., has extensive research in brain sciences and psychiatry. He has maintained a private practice since 2000 and has been awarded the Saint Louis University Community Service Award.

Vitalitas Denver

Vitalitas Denver is a specialized depression treatment center and ketamine clinic that offers supervised ketamine infusions for a range of mental illnesses and mood disorders. With 27 years of ketamine administration experience, Vitalitas Denver is among the most qualified and respect ketamine treatment clinics in the country.

Atlanta Center for Ketamine Therapy

Headed by AndroGiorgadze, M.D., the Atlanta Center for Ketamine Treatment is the first ketamine infusion clinic of its kind in the state of Georgia. With over 15 years of clinical experience to his name and years of private practice administering ketamine medication (Rapastinel), Dr. Giorgadze is one the country’s leading minds in medicinal ketamine.

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles is the first and only ketamine clinic accredited by the AAAASF. As one of the leading US clinics licensed to administer IV ketamine infusion therapies, the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles has performed over 5,000 administrations since 2014. They have a self-reported success rate of 83% among depression and mood disorder patients.

NY Ketamine Infusions, LLC

NY Ketamine Infusions, LLC., is a private ketamine clinic located in Manhattan, New York, with satellite offices in Madrid and Pittsburgh. They offer outpatient therapy for those who suffer from chronic mental illnesses and mood disorders. However, other forms of chronic pain such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain are also treated at NY Ketamine Infusions.

The Ketamine Institute

The Ketamine Institute is a research and advocacy center in support of medicinal ketamine treatment. They have close partnerships with leading psychiatric teams in Pensacola, Florida, which administer professional ketamine infusion therapies.

Their clinical partners include Anchor Clinic and Anchor Neuroscience, both of which are based in the south Florida area. On top of their ketamine infusion therapies, they are known for their groundbreaking multidisciplinary research on ketamine and its efficacy in treating depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Michigan Progressive Health

Michigan Progressive Health is one of the few Michigan ketamine infusion clinics currently in operation. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan Progressive Health is a leading ketamine resource center in the American Midwest. Led by Dr. Megan Oxley, their research and clinical teams offer support and services to those in the Detroit and surrounding area.

Patients report that Dr. Oxley’s office feels more like a home than a clinical setting. Their comfortable, relaxed atmosphere offers a safe and supportive environment where those in need of help can find it. To boot, Dr. Oxley is a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, which is a group of pro-ketamine board-certified physicians.

Alabama Ketamine Clinics

Alabama Ketamine Clinics is a multi-specialty clinic with a psychiatric department devoted to ketamine infusion therapy. Based in Dothan, Alabama, Alabama Ketamine Clinics is dedicated to treating major depressive disorder and other physical and mental illnesses related to chronic pain.

Midwest Ketamine Center

The Midwest Ketamine Center is a Chicago-based ketamine clinic specializing in outpatient care for chronic and refractory depression. They offer low-cost solutions for aerosolized ketamine infusions. The Midwest Ketamine Center is known for offering both intravenous and nebulized ketamine treatments. Their main offices can be found in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Northwest Ketamine Clinics

Northwest Ketamine Clinics are a group of affiliated ketamine treatment centers serving the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. At present, Northwest Ketamine Clinics have offices in Seattle, Bellevue, and Portland, with plans to expand in the near future. They have a reputation for service excellence and patient satisfaction in this underserved region.

Northwest Ketamine Clinics can schedule consultations with prospective patients within 24 hours of their submitting an inquiry. We suggest visiting their website today if you need to access ketamine treatment services in the Pacific Northwest.